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That's me !!!
Name: Mathias Rufer

Münsingen, Switzerland

Birthdate: 1980-02-19
Civil status: in a relationship
Languages: Swiss German (native language), French, English
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Public Key: Link to my public key: GnuPG public key
Key Fingerprint:
098E 4570 B280 784D 0C8E 625E EA41 DD07 7803 A3B5
Leisure: Read at this page: Hobbies
Job career:
  • Apprenticeship as computer scientist at Swisscom AG
  • Worked one year as network administrator at Swisscom AG
  • Computer Science / Telematics studies at HTI Biel
  • Network engineer at University of Neuchâtel
  • Network eingineer at Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
  • Switching and routing: Cisco IOS, NXOS, IOS XR. CCIE #65501
  • Load-Balancing: F5 BigIP
  • Linux