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My hobbies


Model trains

Collecting model trains is something like a tradition in our family. So I collect model trains in H0 track. They are in 1:87 scale, preferrably from the Austrian brand Roco. On the right you see a model of the 460 series locomotives from Switzerland.

There's also a model trains page on this site.


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Digital Camera

Canon EOS 20D A bit inherented from my father is the passion for photos. But the difference is I'm working with a digital camera.
It began with a compact digital camera, but in 2003 I switched to a digital single lens reflect camera. This greatly improves flexibility and allows much more settings to adjust. The well known Canon EF bajonet allows to use a wide range of lenses. The fast autofocus permits now real digital sports photography.
More information about my cameras and of course many images are on the Photo page.

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motorbike photo The adventure to drive a motorbike began in a hot summer after I received my driving licence for the car. The car is very useful for transports, but driving a motorbike is really more fascinating. Technology is another very interesting thing about motorbikes. Engines with a lot more than 100hp per liter displacement are otherwise only seen on the racetrack.
My first motorbike was - as prescribed by law - a 125cc two stroke machine. After two years I bought my first "big" bike, the Suzuki TL1000S. Today I still have a Suzuki, but a more recent model.
More on the motorbike page.

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Scout logo It began with about 9 years when I entered our local Scout group "Turmfalken". It is the relation to the nature and the contrast to school / job what made and makes Scouting interesting for me. Additionally, Scouting isn't just a leisure activity but a way of life. I know many of my friends from Scouting.
1997 until 2000 I was a scout guide for children from 7 to 11 years at Turmfalken.
From 1995 on there has been in the JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) and later the JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) event organized in Kirchberg. This event interested me from the beginning on. From 1999 on, it's me who organizes this event at Kirchberg.
From end of July 2002 to 2015 I was the leader of the Scout group Turmfalken.

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Sim Racing

Grand Prix Legends Grand Prix Legends is by far the best racing simulation I have ever seen. But it's also the only game or simulation which I play regularly.
But back to Grand Prix Legends: You should really try it once !! It's realistic and has fantastic graphics. I bet if you are a fan of car racing, you will like it, too!!!!
Notice: to full enjoy racing simulations, you need a wheel and pedals, a fast CPU and of course a 3D graphics card.

More on my GPL Page

Soap Box racing, car racing, Formula 1

My "Soap Box" at Europeen Championship in 1995 How it began:
When I was 9 year old, my godfather asked me if I want to drive his self-built Soap Box once for some tests. I was faster than his son at the first drive. That's how I got engaged as soap box driver. With the support of my parents, I drove championship races for about 10 years. In the mean time I sold the soap box.
The years with the soap box really got me into racing. I am very interested in any kind of racing and in all these fast cars like Ferrari. Starting 2003 I drive from now and then on the racetrack with my motorbike.
The Formula 1 fascinates me every year again. As a Swiss resident, I am of course a fan of the Sauber Formula 1 team.
Soap Box page.