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GPL laptimes history

Or... my little hall of fame :-)

Some milestones in my GPL drivers career:

I collected all the export files I do whenever I beat one or more PB. Now I have some statistics proving that GPL isn't easy if you don't drive very much.

Date Event Link
2004/04/03-04 SRCB Swiss GPL LAN 2004. This time a rather small event with just 7 drivers, but still a lot of fun. B-Bat was the winner. Photos, Results
2003/03/15 SRCB Swiss GPL LAN. The first Swiss GPL LAN party. Lots of fun, close driving in the LAN, meeting many Swiss GPL drivers. Photos
2003/12/31 3rd place at the end of the EOLC Challenge season (last 6 races, all Grids)  
2002/12/29 All cars negative!!!!! Whoohooo. The BRM was missing: An 8:18 at the Ring and better times at Zandvoort and Spa did the trick.
Rank is now -18.840, Monster Rank dropped to -49.960
see GPLRank
GPL export
2002/12/08 EOLC Grand Prix Monaco. The 100 hardest laps in GPL. My first victory from Poleposition, and definitely a good but hard race. EOLC News
2002/11/11 I get my first Challange rank of +71.740. I had to jump over my shadow and finally install a fantasy track: Road67 see GPLRank
2002/10/27 I win my first ever full Grand Prix in Watkins Glen, EOLC Grid B.
108 laps, not one spin or driving error, much luck when I run out of fuel just before the pits at lap 106. The race of my life.
2002/10/13 The EOLC celebrates its 100th event. Hanspi Knutti encourages me to drive. So I drive and win my first ever league race at Kyalami in Grid C :-)  
2002/07/12-14 The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2002. The first time I shake hands with people from my preferred GPL Forum Glenn, Simon, Derrick, Phil Lee, Akin, Sethro, Kostas, Svend, are just some names I remember. The whole Festival of Speed was an absolute highlight!! Check my photos
2002/06/09 The hard work on the Monster rank was it worth: NEGATIVE Monster Rank!! see GPLRank
2002/04/21 Won my first Online Race !!! VROC pickup race at Mosport. Newspaper
2002/03/?? Got into Online Racing because I've now ADSL.  
2002/03/03 I finally managed to get negative on all tracks !!! Whoohooo !!
Source: GPLRank
GPLRank 107% copy
GPL export
2002/01/28 Broke the magic 8:30 barrier at the Ring,
finally did a sub 1:30 at Monza (man that took long). Many improvements
GPL export
2002/01/27 First negative Rank: -0.21. Bingo !!!! see GPLRank
2002/01/15 First Monster Rank: 653.46. It means that I have finally driven each car on each track. Huh, that needs some time. see GPLRank
2002/01/14 The cooper isn't bad at the Ring ! Plus many improvements. Target is a negative GPLRank handicap !! GPL export
2001/10/01 Subscribed to GPLRank. First handicap was 45.21. It means that I am 45.21 seconds slower than all papy benchmarks. see GPLRank
2001/08/29 I'm experimenting with Wolgang Woeger's "Go Kart Setups", with success:
The 3:20 barrier at Spa is no more, thanks to the fast Eagle.
Major improvement at Rouen with the "Red Go Kart".
GPL export
2001/08/21 First sub 1:06 lap at the Glen with the red car, in an AI Race remarkably.
First lap under 2min at Rouen - in the Ferrari.
GPL export
2000/11/28 Final success at Monaco, using the red beast.
First (!) lap without a spin at Mexico (OK, I don't like this track).
GPL export
2000/04/01 (kein Aprilscherz!!) 1:05.55 at Watkins Glen, finally using the Lotus.
Managed to get round Monaco in less than 1:30, using the Ferrari.
Found the right way at Kyalami.
GPL export
2000/03/08 Yipeeeeeeee, Nürburgring in less than 9 minutes !!!! The Lotus rocks at the Ring. GPL export
1999/10/07 First lap under 1:07 at Watkins Glen. I use the Ferrari for almost everywhere but the Ring. GPL export
1999/06/10 First lap with less than 27 spins at the Ring :-). Yeah, less than 9:30 for the "green hell". I switched not only on the Ring to the fast Lotus. GPL export
1999/05/13 I finally managed to drive one complete lap with time at the Nürburgring (yes, it took me half a year!). This track is sooooooo long !! GPL export
1998/12/28 First export. All tracks but the Ring have a time. GPL export

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