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Grand Prix Legends Grand Prix Legends (GPL) was released 1998 by Sierra/Papyrus. I bought it end of 1998 and I play it still regularly.
Brief Introduction to the GPL world: GPL is Computer Simulation of the 1967 Formula 1 Season with most advanced physics and great 3D graphics. But GPL is not only a stand alone game. There are every day and every night online races at VROC. There are many online leagues and racing clubs.
To keep GPL up to date, there is a bunch of people who are developing GPL independly from Sierra. The "Grand Prix Legends Editors Association" GPLEA is a leading editors group, but there are many other groups and editors. There is a great online community meeting at Racesimcentral and some other forums.
To ensure that GPL will be a challange forever, there are uncountable add-on tracks. The leading site to get tracks is the GPL Track Database by Magnus Thomé.
Another interesting thing is GPL Rank where you can upload your laptimes and compare them with other people.

Have a look on my screenshots !!

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