Yamaha R1 2015 race bike

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Bought in July 2015, then transformed into a race bike.
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Photo: March 2016

Unfortunately the bike has been written-off in April 2018, following a crash in Aragon. The whole frontend including the frame were destroyed.



Yamaha R1 (2015). YEC kit electronics.
Akrapovic link pipe

Tyres Dunlop. Race slicks: KR106 / KR108. Wets: KR191 / KR393
Fairings Fiberglass race fairings, ramair duct and fairing holder by Motorrad-Stecki. Aluminium subframe by TSS (modified).
Paint: Carosserie Leuenberger
Stickers: Sticker 123 and Ebay

Front: K-Tech DDS
Rear: K-Tech DDS Pro

Wheels Stock rims and OZ Aluminium (GL-Motorradtechnik)
Brakes Front: Original monoblock calipers with Brembo 19x18 master cylinder (radial) and steel braided lines. Brembo Supersport rotors. Performance Friction Carbon brake pads.
Rear: stock
Oil Motul
Transmission DID ERV3 520 racing chain
Pit HSR tyre warmers, center stand (RC-Racing)

Lightech rearsets with fixed pegs and levers, shift pedal mount without kickstand mount
LSL Sport Match clipons.
GB racing engine cover protectors

Performance Power output: 200HP (Yamaha)
Racebike weights about 8kg less than a stock streetbike.
Gear Shoei NSR helmets
Mithos RCP15 tailor-made kangoroo one piece leather with Dainese back protector.
Daytona Evo Security boots
Held Phantom / Mithos gloves

Best results

2017: 5th place overall in Speer Power Cup. 2nd und 2x 3rd place Speer PowerCup Race.
2016: 4th place overall in Speer PowerCup. 3x 3rd place in Speer PowerCup Race.
2015: 6th place in Speer PowerCup race

Thanks to :
My family, Brechühl Motos (mechanic, parts), GL-Motorradtechnik (parts), Proride (suspension), Stäger Motos (mechanic, suspension), Dorfgarage Ersigen (tools), Carosserie Leuenberger (paint)

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