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Motorbikes are a family tradition for me. My father used to drive motorbikes, so did my brother. When I grew up, my brother already had a "big" machine and thus infected me with motorbikes.

Race track

I was alaready dreaming of trackdays when I bought the first big bike. After a bit more than a year, I drove my first lap at "Annau du Rhin" in France (race tracks are forbidden in Switzerland) in 2003. From 2007 on I had a second bike for the track and have been participating in some cups. Read more here:

Current bikes

Yamaha R1 2018 (racing)

After crashing the recent 2015 R1, I decided to buy a new R1. The bike was black from factory, but then again transferred into the same yellow livery the old R1 had. The electronics are updated compared to the 2015 bike: The blipper now allows for clutchless downshifts and traction control and engine mappings have been improved. It got the YEC kit electronics from the beginning and also an Akrapovic full system.

GSX-R 1000 K5 (road)

This bike was bought in 2009 and immediately converted into a racebike. In 2015 it got redundant and was rebuilt into a road bike for 2016.

Foto Foto Foto Foto Foto
Magny-Cours 2012 Cartagena 2011 Lausitzring 2010 Anneau du Rhin 2010 Photos of the build


Past bikes

2015-2018: Yamaha R1 2015 (racing)

In 2015 I decided to buy a new bike. The Yamaha was broken in on the road, then transferred into a race bike is used on track only. In winter 2015/2016, the fairings were painted yellow and in 2016 the YEC kit electronics were added. This R1 was severly crashed in April 2018 when it hit the track barrier and the frame had to be written-off. Bike was sold.

2011-2015: GSX-R 1000 K6

The GSX-R 1000 K5 was a fair bit more modern than the TL1000S and was quite different to drive. So I decided to sell the TL1000S I still had and get a second GSX-R for the road. Having two identical bikes is very practical if one or the other spare part is missing just a day before the next track day. So when my Suzuki dealer had a good offer for a black GSX-R 1000 K6, I traded-in my TL1000S. The black bike was technically identical to the yellow track bike. It runs flawlessly on the road and served as a spare bike for one track day and one race weekend.
In July 2015, this bike was traded-in for the new R1 2015.

2001-2011: Suzuki TL1000S

...against a Suzuki TL1000S. The big Suzuki V-twin got my attention because of the design and the engine. I soon found one in my favourite colour. In October 2001 we went to pick it up. We, that's my father and me. I didn't have the license to drive the TL, so I bought it and he drove it. In spring 2002 I passed the licence test and am driving the TL since then.

Foto Foto Foto Foto Foto
Mai 2008
March 2006
Winter 05/06
German TL1000 meeting, 2004 Photos of the stock TL1000S.

2006-2009: TL1000S (racing)

In Winter 2006, I decided to buy a track bike. I found a cheap TL1000S in good condition. This bike was called "number two" from now on. During the rebuild, the bike unveiled numerous surprises... With the exception of the engine that was only serviced, the bike was completely rebuilt from scratch. At the end I put a set of candy jade lime yellow plastics and tank on, to match the look of the streetbike.

photo photo photo photo photo
Pannonia Ring 2009 Brno
July 2008
April 2008
TL Cup Oschersleben
August 2007
Photos of the rebuild.

I had a lot of fun and success with this bike, I won the TL1000 cup three times in a row. But by end of 2009 I felt the need for a more recent bike, because the TL began to show its age compared to the all new bikes. So number two has been sold by the end of 2009.

1999-2001: Yamaha TDR-R 125

I bought my first bike in 1999, a Yamaha TDR-R 125. I had to make my first licence by law on a 125cc bike - not a bad thing to begin with a small, easy to drive machine. But after the obligatory 2 years, the TDR-R was immediately traded in...
Photos of the TDR-R